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Since our original opening in September of 1986, ACCA has grown to 15 local participating churches (see list) who provide the volunteer workers that allow us to operate with no paid staff. These local churches also pledge a monthly support stipend based on their congregation's ability and size. Their monthly commitment pays for the 'overhead' expenses of rent for our building, utilities, liability insurance, and maintenance of our walk-in freezer and refrigeration equipment.

All of the community donations, the other support we receive from United Way and a federal Emergency Food and Shelter grant go exclusively to provide the necessary food supplies that we distribute twice each week to local families in need, year around.
ACCA is all-
Volunteer Organization of 15 local churches in south Shasta County .

Would your church be interested in joining with all these other churches in a rewarding and loving Christian outreach to our brothers and sisters in need? Just give ACCA a call at 365-4220 and we will gladly arrange a tour of our facilities at 2979 East Center Street and supply you with all the information you need. ACCA's Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of every month at noon and your pastor or church leadership are always welcome to attend.

Our mission is to Provide Emergency food Serve for the Needy.  Our policy is to serve needy families with a balanced and nutritional emergency food box, sufficient to feed a family of four for three or four days.

We help folks who need it, obtain FREE CLOTHING from the SACRED HEART THRIFT STORE.

We have a agreement with the RIDE transit to purchase and dispense RIDE TICKETS to be used to go to: job interview, doctors, hospital, etc.

We furnish the Anderson Police Department with GAS VOUCHERS, so that in an EMERGENCY an individual or family can get a gas voucher, one time only.

RECORD SEARCHLIGHT furnishes the job insert from the Sundays paper, so the clients can look for work.

We provide free BI-MONTHLY WORKSHOPS to help our clients learn to stretch their income and also cooking with food staples to offset their expenses. These workshops are normally required for anyone who utilizes our emergency services more than three times. Most clients find them to be very helpful and worth while.

We offer bibles to all new clients. We ask if we can have prayer with them. If in an emergency, we can bring a Minister of Elder to talk to them at ACCA. Tell them how a spiritual life can help in all situations. Learn to put god first. Offer bible studies, church services, meet them where their are. We insert a church directory in every box given to client.