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Our mission is to Provide Emergency food Serve for the Needy.  Our policy is to serve needy families with a balanced and nutritional emergency food box, sufficient to feed a family of four for several days.

We also help folks who are in need, obtain FREE CLOTHING from the SACRED HEART THRIFT STORE.

We have a agreement with the RABA transit to purchase and dispense RIDE TICKETS to be used to go to a job interview, doctors, appointments, etc.

We furnish the Anderson Police Department with GAS VOUCHERS, so that in an EMERGENCY an individual or family can get a gas voucher, (one time only).

RECORD SEARCHLIGHT funishes the weekly job insert from the Sundays paper, so the clients can look for work.

We provide free BI-MONTHLY WORKSHOPS to help our clients learn to stretch their income and learn about cooking with food staples to offset their expenses. These workshops are normally required for anyone who utilizes our emergency services more than three times. Most clients find them to be very helpful and worth while.

We offer bibles to any clients. We also offer to pray with them, if they desire. If in an emergency, we can bring a Minister or Elder to talk to them at ACCA. A spirtual life can help in all situations. We insert a church directory in every box given to client. Our member churches offer Bible studies, hope, and encouragement to put God at the center of their lives.


People in need come from all walks of life and reside everywhere in our south county area of Anderson and Cottonwood. They are single moms and young families with young children or hungry teenagers. They are grandparents stepping in to care for their grandchildren whose parents have left them behind. They are the disabled who are unable to work and just manage get through each day coping with pain and limited mobility. They are especially the working poor, struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage jobs, often with only part-time hours and few or no benefits.

The recent rapid rise in gasoline prices makes commuting to work or school terribly expensive. The cost of decent housing that is safe and clean continues to go up, eating up sometimes nearly all their income. Utility bills keep rising, especially when the weather is extreme and there are sick or frail members of the family at home. A sudden accident or illness can destroy a family's finances when there is no adequate insurance coverage. Seasonal lay-offs mean bills go unpaid and the family must struggle just to meet bare necessities. And, yes even in our community, many end up homeless, camping out, relying on friends for a place to stay or sleeping in a car.

ACCA is there twice a week, year around for all these people in need, helping them to stretch their resources, providing essential nutrition for hungry children at home, assisting them to search for other longer term solutions to their difficulties, and always giving them moral support and encouragement.