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Helping Hundreds During This Holiday Season

The need keeps growing:

Over the past three years, ACCA has seen a very dramatic increase in the number of local families in our area needing emergency food assistance. Since 2004, the number served has gone up by over 100%. As a result, ACCA is straining with all of its resources to meet the needs of hungry families in our area.

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HUNDREDS of holiday food baskets will be distributed in our area:
For the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas, ACCA will be preparing over 300 baskets for each holiday. Each basket contains a balanced and nutritious supply of food for the holiday meal and additional staples to tide the family over for a few extra days. Then, ACCA provides vouchers redeemable at our local supermarkets for the meat portion of the meal. This allows each family the dignity to select it's own preference, whether a turkey or a ham, or other ethnic foods. It also relieves ACCA of having to arrange for cold storage for these perishable items prior to distribution.
Rent, gas, utility and food costs are rising faster than incomes:
This year we are seeing more and more families in really desperate need. The causes are many: higher rent costs, rising gas prices, utilities going way up, and much higher costs for food and medicines. Most of our clients are the working poor who do not receive any benefits and often must string together several part-time, minimum wage jobs just to survive. Many families have a disabled member who cannot work but still must be their primary provider. A lot of grandparents have had to take over the care of their grandchildren, causing a terrible strain on their fixed incomes from social security and small pensions. For most of our clients, just one unexpected event such as a car breakdown, medical emergency, layoff, sickness or other disaster just wipes them out.
All of the 15 local area churches participating in ACCA are appealing to the community and their own congregations for help. We are extremely grateful for the generous outpouring of community support we have received so far this season. We wisely use your monetary donations to purchase in bulk from food banks and other discount suppliers, multiplying the effects of your donation by a factor of 5 to 10 times. We are also constantly in need of food donations year round such as peanut butter, jams & jellies, tuna fish, macaroni and cheese, canned meats, hamburger or tuna helper, and canned fruits and vegetables. Monetary donations may be mailed directly to ACCA, 2979 East Center St., Anderson, CA 96007. Most importantly, your gift brings life and encouragement to all those suffering from hunger in our area. Please keep all of our volunteers, donors and client families in your prayers. For more information call ACCA at (530) 365-4220.

Hunger is a year round problem, especially for children and the elderly.
Please share your blessings and may God bless you for your generosity.